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Expo Food & Wine 2017

Expo Food & Wine was born in 2014 with the only aim to make the most suitable platform where business could give value to the land and to the Italian business ability to be competitive globally.

Today, Expo Food & Wine is an independent and dynamic platform that is chosen every year by several business men, restaurant owners and general visitors that understand deeply what food and beverage they use, in order to compare themselves and discuss about the most important topic about food, promotion and internationalization.

Into its three previous editions, the event became stronger in term of visibility, contacts and investments that brought it to became more attractable to those enterprises which aim is to amplify their business relation at national and international level.

expo food and wine

Expo Food&Wine is not only the exposition of food and beverage products, but it proposes itself as an the mean for many enterprises and operators to compare themselves with new discoveries, usages and products that are present in this territory.

Expo Food&Wine follow many goals that are defined into its organization and projects:

  • Make a moment of comparison between enterprises and people;
  • Focus on many spaces and event, such as conferences, meetings and tasting times;
  • Make a food and wine path, using the help of the enterprises.

A New Concept

Expo Food & Wine is completely new for its fourth edition, starting from a new design, concept, layout and dates.

Into its new concept there is the focusing to remake a well organised display that is settled in order to achieve the following steps:

  • Attract customers;
  • Encourage the customer to stop and evaluate the products;
  • Inform the customers;
  • Make a proper culture of the product;
  • Simplify and support the purchase process.

A New Layout

The exhibition area is well organised in spaces that are thematically defined.

Show Area

Cooking show realised by pro chefs. The exhibitors would have the chance to provide their products to the chefs for the events in the Show Area. This area will be settled with many kitchen platforms, in order to give to exhibitions much more chances to join to the event. Next to this area, there will be another one where expert and opinion leader will discuss about general topics around food and beverage.

Labs, Course, Tasting

During these three days, there will be many labs and courses realised by many professionals guests with easy ideas that could be used every time by everyone.

Wine & Beer Show Area

A space focused on tasting and guided tour and meetings.

Business Area

A space where foreign buyers, importers, distributors and wholesaler will have the chance to meet enterprises.