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2017 News & Events

This year, Expo Food&Wine is totally new and with many news. During the three days event, there will be many conferences, seminars, cooking show, books and recipe books presentation.

Food&Wine Academy: professional training and improving.

Food&Wine Book: a space focused on books and recipe books.

Food from the World: book from the world? This is not only ethnic kitchen or kebab, but with this term we meant the so many aspects of modern nutrition, from vegetarian diet, to products that arrive in Italy by Mediterranean countries. Everything that stimulate you towards new tastes and different elaborations, such as Japanese kitchen, as one of the most quoted.

Food&Wine OFF: the event outside the Food&Wine exhibition. Three soirees that will be the continuation of the main event, another chance to exhibitiors and our guests for a more suggestive food experience.

During the three days there will be labs, courses and tasting times organised by professionals that will propose easy idea to realise delicious dishes every time you want.

Thematic Labs

November 17

11.00 a.m. in show area “ARENA”
Fish: how clean fish and its various cooking methods

04.00 p.m. in show area “ARENA”
Ancient grains: how work them and theirs advantages.

6.00 p. m. in show area “ARENA”
Sushi…Mi: an orient breeze!



During our conferences, seminaries and business introductions there will be many information, improvements, divulgation and business promotion.
A three days exhibition that will deals with the most hot topics.
A chance of comparison and exchange in order to enrich knowledge about food and wine that to the contribution of many professionals’ help.

(The program is due to modification/variation)


November 17

11.00 a.m. in show area “ARENA”
From plating to preparation techniques.

4.00 p.m. THE WINE PRESS – ground flour
GDO regional products.

November 18

11.00 a.m. THE WINE PRESS – ground flour
Bio Food: business channels and consume trend.

4.00 p.m. THE WINE PRESS – ground flour
Packaging: a plus for the products placement.

4.00 p.m. THE WINE PRESS – ground flour
E-commerce Food: how purchase online and why?

November 19

4.00 p.m. THE WINE PRESS – ground flour
Agro Bio Diversity: preservation and improvement in genetic resources to agricultural production chain.