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Expo Food and Wine Visitors

Expo Food&Wine visitor target is made of Italian and foreign buyers, import/export enterprises, business agent, business owners, professional stores owners, restaurants, pizza restaurants, bakeries, pubs, fast foods, bars, pastry shops, ice cream shops, wine shops, beer shops. There also will be many professional from restaurants and hotellerie such as: chef, barman, pizza chefs, maître, sommeliers, hotel owners, catering service owners.

Inside the exhibition, visitors could find:

  • Professional exhibitors;
  • Educative workshops;
  • Guided Tasting (with matching with wine, oil, food, alcohol, chocolate, delicatessen, cheese);
  • Courses made by exhibitors;
  • Many contests such as chef competitions;
  • Advertising presentations: food and wine guides, recipes, new tendencies;
  • Digital marketing focus on food and beverage: web promotion strategies and instruments; institutional website setting and developing of e-commerce website, from the usage of social network to many different approaches of food bloggers and influencers.

During the three days exhibition there will be many tasting, apero, courses, laboratories, conferences and cooking show.

An event that into its past three editions attired a lot of people from many regional and national places, promoting an healthy and rich Euro-Mediterranean kitchen with its tastes, flavours, traditional recipes, as well as biological products.